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Friday, 22 August 2014

Install google play store and other google service in nokia x/xl/x+

Hello friends ,
Do you miss Google play store on your Nokia android mobile, as well as want to use Google mail service on your Nokia, then here is a solution for your Need

lets start to play

first of all you need to download following tool and file to your computer

1- Nokia X manager from here
2- Download Gapp   from here
3-Microsoft .net ... from here
4- PDA net for driver from here

Now the game begin-

=>Install Pda Net.exe and Nokia X Manager on your pc. If failed to install then install Microsoft first
=> Open Nokia X manager
=> Connect your Nokia x/xl/x+ mobile to pc via USB cable and let your pc detect your mobile

=> As Nokia X manager show your mobile click on Install TWRP
=> It will show some processing
=> now click on Root device
=> after finishing your device will be Auto reboot to TWRP recovery

=> Click on Mount
=> Tick on System
=> Now press back button
=>Now click on install
=> locate click on this
=> slide to install
=> Now click on reboot
=> after rebooting you will see a new app on your mobile "superuser"
=> Now open your sd card in PC and copy gapp to your sd card ( on root not in any folder )
=> Again open Nokia X manager and now click on reboot recovery .
=> Again click on install in recovery menu and locate Gapp in your SD card
=> slide to install
=> done just reboot your phone

Now you can enjoy all Google service on your Nokia X/Xl device
Note- you can also uninstall all bolt ware /unwanted system app by installing "root uninstaller"

Vishal kp